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Core Values Profile  MaryBeth Hyland
Lisa Schroeder Core Values Testimonial

MaryBeth's wisdom, intuitive gifts and proven practices have changed my life. She has guided me on how to take on this life's journey, particularly in times of stress, and embrace what once seemed impossible."

- Lisa Schroeder, President, The Pittsburgh Foundation


What Your Core Values Are

What Your Core Values Are

These are the values that drive you. The aspects of yourself that motivate you toward or away from different things.

What Your Aspirational Values

What Your Aspirational Values Are

These are the values that you wish drove you. These describe what you aspire to become.

What Your Values Are

What Your Values Are

These are the values that describe you but you are not driven by them.

Which Values Don't resonate with you

Which Values Don’t Resonate With You

These are the values that simply aren’t things that resonate with you personally and that’s OK.

When you know, own, and live your values, everyday is filled with purpose."

~ MaryBeth Hyland, Founder + Chief Visionary, SparkVision 

Find Out What My Values Are…
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Adair Cates Core Values Testimonial

“It's really important for me to know what matters to me. So that when I go into partnerships with either clients or co-creators, that I'm really clear if we're going to be a good match for each other. So that was really big for me, and I thought a lot about values. And if I ever have a question about whether or not something is a good fit for me. I always have those values to go back to.”

~ Adair Cates,

CEO, First Lead You

Chenire Harrell-Carter Core Values Testimonial

“I'm realizing now that the way that I relate to my values is how I build relationships, not just intimate ones, but at work with business partners, and the like. It also is allowed me to have a greater level of empathy. For humanity at large, I am a lover of the human experience. And so recognizing what my core values are, and realizing how similar we all are also able to now kind of pinpoint what other people's values are. And that has been really helpful, especially in the climate in which that we live in.”

~ Chenire Harrell-Carter,

CEO, Memory Maker Inc.

Anna Snow Core Values Testimonial

“This was incredibly enlightening to me in the sense that I have these core values and yet when I look at my calendar on my phone, some of them weren't exactly lining up and I am really looking forward to going forward and making those changes so that my values are reflected in my everyday life. And I just recommend it to anyone who wants to live out their purpose.”

~ Anna Snow,

Community Manager, Yelp

Cory J. Anderson Core Values Testimonial

“It’s a great opportunity to just really delve a little bit deeper into yourself and be more self-aware of who you are. It allows you the opportunity to be more authentic in the world.”

~ Cory J. Anderson,

Director, Venture for America

Amanda Autry Core Values Testimonial

“I knew that this disconnect that I was feeling in my business and uncertainty in where to go next and growing my business would be positively impacted by clarifying my values.”

~ Amanda Autry,


Veronica Hill Core Values Testimonial

“There's something invigorating and completely life-changing when you understand what your values are.”

~ Veronica Hill,

Workplace Culture Consultant

What Are Core Values?

Core values are a personal guide. They show us what's important and how we like to live. Think of them as your special mark, like your fingerprints. They help steer you in the right direction. When you follow your values, you feel good. If you don't, you might feel upset or uncomfortable.

Being happy means sticking to your values.

Core values are more than just important ideas. They help us tap into our hidden feelings and thoughts. We can discover parts of ourselves we didn't know before by thinking about what's important to us.

Core values are key to unlocking new levels of personal growth and personal development.

Why are Values Important?

Knowing your core values helps you stay grounded. It stops you from feeling overwhelmed. This way, you can take care of yourself and others with a positive mindset.

You are full of values that show in your actions and feelings. If something goes against your values, you feel upset and stressed. But if it matches your values, you feel great and alive! Stress often comes not from being too busy but from not doing enough of what matters to us. Our values shape what we care about, from enjoyable activities to people we prefer to avoid.

This is the importance of values.

By focusing on your core values, you unlock amazing energy and freedom. It becomes easy.

Understanding what motivates you is key. When you pay attention and understand your core values, you start to explore what makes you feel aligned and productive every day. You learn about what you need to feel purposeful and focused.

How to Put Core Values into Practice

Being and acting are different. For example, you might be curious but not ask questions. Or, you might care about equality but not act when you see inequality. It's important to match what you believe with how you act.

Set Clear Expectations: Think about what you expect from yourself. How will you live according to your values?

Make Value Promises: These are promises you make to act on your values. Think of these as a value statement.

Ask yourself:

  • How should I act to show my true values?

  • What promises can I make to live by these values at work or home?

  • How can friends help me keep these promises?

  • What good things happen if I live this way?

  • By answering these, you create a personal guide. This guide helps you live by your values every day. Then you have a set of lived values!

    Living by your core values isn't automatic. It's about choosing those values honestly, again and again. To really include your values in your daily life, you need to check if you're acting according to them.

    Try values-based mindfulness. This means living true to yourself by making choices that feel right.

    A simple full-body check can help. When your mind, gut, and heart all agree, you know what to do. If you're feeling off, close your eyes and touch your heart. Breathe deeply and ask, “Which of my values can help me now? How can I use it right now?”

    Happiness comes when we live by our values. Learn to listen to yourself to bring your values into your decisions. Being honest about what doesn't feel right in your mind, body, and spirit helps you find balance again. You can use values-based mindfulness anytime. Your values are always there for you, just like your breath.

  • Where Do Values Come From?

    You are not just born with this set of values; others typically instill them in you.

    Your values are often born from the learning that occurs with your life's most impactful people and experiences. Values are formed through modeled behavior, socialization and the experiences surrounding those influencers, for better or worse.

    When you take the time to honor your past, you can make sense of your values more meaningfully than just picking words off a list.

    Can Your Values Change Over Time?

    Yes! Overall, our core values stay pretty constant. Meaning the things that drive us often do for most of our lives.

    However, life experiences (particularly milestone moments—when you felt incredibly high and painfully low) can dramatically change us and our values.

    That is why it is important to do a value check on a regular basis. We suggest taking the core values quiz at least once a year and comparing your new values assessment with your old one.

    My husband and I create a new value profile every year to take a core values inventory of what’s stayed the same and what’s changed.

    When we first started, spiritual life did not resonate with either of us. We thought it was some mumbo-jumbo stuff that people told themselves to feel better. But after a life-changing retreat, we transformed that thinking. Spirituality now drives us more than anything!

    That is why it is important to do a personal values assessment on a regular basis.

    Why are Human Values Important?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing quickly. As machines take on more jobs, keeping our human values is key.

    Social media and tech often distract us. They make it tough to connect deeply with others. We must work hard to build real relationships based on shared values.

    Feeling apart from others is common today. But sharing values can bring us together. Now is the time to come together. Let's live our values in every part of our lives: at work, at home, and in our communities.

    What is Value Based Leadership?

    Values-based leadership is about staying true to what you believe in. It means making choices that feel right to you that are aligned with your values. Leaders like this are mindful and present. They focus on being clear, direct, and kind to help others.

    Such value-based leadership doesn’t just happen. It comes from consistently choosing your core values. To truly live by your values daily, you must check if your actions match them.

    A simple way to do this is by doing a full body check. This means seeing if your mind, gut, and heart agree with your decisions. Use your values as a guide to make good choices.

    For instance, if you're having a bad day and feel lost, try this: Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Breathe deeply and slowly. Ask yourself which of your values can help you now. Think about how you can use it to make your situation better.

    Leadership is all about values. It’s crucial to listen to yourself to know how to make your values guide your decisions. Being honest about what feels off can help you get back on track. This way, you align your mind, body, soul, and well-being.

    What are My Values?

    You may be wondering how to figure out your core values. And there are lots of options on how to identify your core values.

    One is to look at your experiences in life. The high moments you feel happy and energized generally happen because your values are being activated. If you feel really happy investing quality time with your friends, you have a core value of friendship. And if you don’t like spending time with friends, the value of friendship doesn’t resonate with you. And that is okay! You have unique values!

    If you're interested in exploring your values, try this simple activity. For one week, note down when you feel most energized and when you feel drained. Pay attention to who you're with and what's happening. This can be done using a notepad or a note app. Ask yourself when you felt energized or drained each day.

    Collecting these emotional notes can help you see which values are being met or missed.

    You can better understand your values by identifying what experiences energize or drain you. This helps you see what truly motivates you. When you are energized, your values are present. When you are drained, your values are missing or being violated.

    There are also plenty of resources on how to identify your core values. You could take a core values assessment or personal values assessment. Or you could take a values test, core values test, personal values test or human values test. Or consider a core values quiz like ours!

    Our personal values quiz will help you identify your core values, aspirational values, and values that don’t resonate with you.

    This free core values assessment will help you find your purpose and teach you how to know what you want in life.

    What Differentiates our Free Core Values Quiz from other Value Quiz Sites?

    You have many options when you want to discover your core values. What makes our free online core values assessment different from another values test?

    Our free values assessment has you rank each value based on whether it drives you, describes you, doesn’t resonate with you or you wish you had it.

    “This Drives Me” indicates something that really motivates you. You could even say it’s unshakably who you are.

    “I Wish This Drove Me” is more about being honest with yourself. You aspire to be this way, but it’s not your experience. And that is OK.

    “This Describes Me” indicates something that is a part of what’s important to you but doesn’t necessarily motivate you. And finally,

    “This Does Not Resonate” is the most self-explanatory. It indicates something that simply doesn’t resonate with you. It’s neither good nor bad. It just is.

    You will use these categories to classify each value for yourself.

    You get to reflect on your values rather than just picking them from a values inventory or core values index.

    What’s very important during this exercise is that you are honest with yourself.

    For example, if I am honest with myself, when I hear the value of health, I have to put it in the “I Wish This Drove Me” category because I think it’s important. Still, I’m not currently someone who is motivated to exercise regularly—although I wish I were. That’s not to say that I couldn’t be in the future; I simply am not actively exercising at this present time in my life.

    Notice that I describe health as related to exercise. You might have a totally different definition. And that’s OK. I’m intentionally not providing definitions for each value because we all interpret words differently.

    Only focus on what that word means to you, just like I did with the example of health. You don’t need to google it or ask someone else their opinion; simply tap into your intuition and trust that whatever you believe it means is correct. Because when it comes to your values, that is so very true.

    When you are selecting a category, try not to spend too much time debating where it should fall. If you’re torn, revisit it later; you can always change it in the future.

    There is no right or wrong way to do this. As long as you’re being honest with yourself, you are doing this from a good place.

    Once you have finished your core values quiz, you’ll be emailed a personalized report and a professionally designed values profile to help remind you of your values. It will be a core values pdf that you can print.

    And, our free online core values quiz only takes minutes to complete!

    What are Examples of Personal Values?

    Before taking the core values quiz, you may be wondering about some personal values examples. And there are lots of examples of personal values.

    Here is a personal values list. You can think of this as a values inventory.

    This doesn’t include every value. It represents the top 10 core values of people who have taken our values assessment. You'll find the list of values when you take our free core values quiz.

  • Growth

  • Learning

  • Freedom

  • Trust

  • Purpose

  • Connection

  • Curiosity

  • Authenticity

  • Family Security

  • True Friendship

  • How do Company Core Values Connect to Your Company’s Vision and Mission?

    Your company's vision explains why you do what you do. The mission describes what you do every day. Your company values show how you achieve your mission and reach your vision.

    Your culture isn't aligned if your actions don't match your stated organizational values. Instead, it's aspirational, based more on wishful thinking than daily reality.

    But, when your actions and values align, you create a special place. This place is filled with loyalty, commitment, and excitement. It's a place where everyone, regardless of age, wants to stay. It feels almost magical.

    Values bring us to life, both individually and as a team. A strong workplace culture connects us through shared, deep motivations. Core values satisfy us deeply. Isn't that wonderful?

    When your job matches your core values, it sparks passion. If not, stress follows. Knowing, owning, and living your core values helps attract and keep great people. It fosters a shared sense of purpose and passion. The results will be clear.

    You lack direction and boundaries for your culture without knowing your core values. This leads to disengagement, dissatisfaction, and a disconnect. It affects both your team and how others see you.

    Values Reminders

    Here are a few mantras and affirmations to serve you on your journey to know, own and live your values.

    1. I am a walking, talking, living, breathing set of values.
    2. My energy shows me when my values are present.

    3. My core values are my internal compass and represent what I stand for.

    4. Values reflect who I am, what I do, and how I define success and failure.

    5. Every day is filled with purpose, pride, and productivity when my values are activated.

    6. I am mindful of what does and does not activate my values.

    7. My values are mine to define.

    8. I know, own, and live my values through my actions.

    9. I choose my values in the face of adversity.

    10. My happiness exists in the presence of my values.

    Who Is MaryBeth Hyland?

      MaryBeth HyandMaryBeth Hyland

      As the Founder of SparkVision and creator of Values-Based Mindfulness, MaryBeth Hyland knows that extraordinary success is rooted in the vision, values, and culture crafted by purpose-driven leaders and their teams. With over a decade of experience, built on knowledge from a BA in Social Work and MS in Nonprofit Management, she’s known for her ability to guide individuals and teams to know, own and live their values.

      And she does that with the understanding that we all have a deep desire to know and return to our most authentic selves – at work, home and within.

      As a keynote speaker, mindfulness instructor, and values expert she engages audiences and teams all over the world with her authentic style of facilitation, coaching and empowerment. Her recent awards include, “Circle of Excellence”, “Innovator of the Year”, “Top 100 Women”, “Civic Engagement Leader” and “Leading Women”. She has also been recognized as a leading expert by The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, FOX and more.

      As the author of “Permission to Be Human: The Conscious Leader’s Guide to Creating Values-Driven Culture”, her personal life’s mission is to create spaces where voices are heard, stories are released, and alignment is ignited.

    Knowing your values is only a click away…

    Find Out What My Values Are…
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